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The Pennsylvania Department of State has confirmed that Democrat Candidate for the 48th State Senatorial District, Michael Schroeder, has not yet filed a campaign finance report.

Pennsylvania law required each candidate for the upcoming Special Election to have filed a campaign finance report by last Friday, January 3.

Republican candidate Dave Arnold’s campaign committee, “Friends of Dave Arnold,” timely filed their report, which is publicly available to view on the Department of State’s website.

However, as of Friday, Jan. 10, Schroeder and his campaign had yet to file a report.

Dave Arnold for Senate Campaign Manager Edward Lynch issued the following statement in response to Schroeder’s illegal campaign activities.

“The Department of State makes it clear to every candidate what their responsibilities are in filing timely campaign finance reports.

One of the principles of our great democracy is that the public has a right to know what money is being contributed and spent in order to influence an election.

Mr. Schroeder obviously disagrees.

One can only assume, Mr. Schroeder and his campaign team are either incredibly incompetent or desperately trying to hide something from the voters.

We understand Mr. Schroeder has been busy spreading his far-left message of higher taxes, abortion on demand, and government confiscation of guns.

However, he needs to take the time to publicly disclose his campaign finances as required by law.”

Per the Pennsylvania Election Code, Schroeder and his campaign face fines up to $250 for failing to report.

Schroeder would also be ineligible to take office until the required campaign finance reports are filed should he be victorious on Tuesday.


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