The New York Times has an interactive feature up today that lets you explore how much hotter your hometown is today than when you were born.

According to the Times data, when I was born in 1988, there were about 12 days per year above 90º. By the time I’m 80, I should expect between 23 and 56 days above 90º each year. (For the record, if I make it that long, I won’t be picky about the temperature.)

The climate modeling used in the feature was provided by Climate Impact Lab (read this PDF for way more detail than you probably want).

By the way, our friends down south in Lebanon, TN have it a bit worse. If I had been born there, I would have gone from seeing 33 days above 90º to between 54 and 96, an even bigger relative increase than we’re expected to see in Central PA.


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