A major electrical system outage is impacting Lebanon County this evening with nearly half of Met-Ed’s customers in Lebanon County currently reported as affected.

FirstEnergy’s Storm Center currently shows 22,902 of 59,217 customers as affected by system issues, or about 39% of all customers in Lebanon County.

Met-Ed is one of several companies operated by FirstEnergy in Pennsylvania.

All or nearly all Met-Ed customers have lost power in the following municipalities: Annville Township, Cleona Borough, Mount Gretna, North Annville, North Londonderry, South Annville, South Londonderry, and Palmyra Borough.

Met-Ed did not know a specific cause of the incident, but said that high winds and storm activity in the area these past two days could have caused a tree or other object to fall on a power line. It’s also possible that today’s incident has a similar to cause to one last month, when an equipment malfunction caused an outage to spread over multiple substations.

Update 7:18pm: Met-Ed confirmed that the outage did begin at a substation, North Lebanon to be specific, and then spread to other substations, similar to last month’s outage.

Met-Ed said its estimated time of restoration is between 9:30pm and 10:30pm. LebTown will update this post if and when we receive more information from Met-Ed on the cause and recovery.


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  1. They are very timely installing highly controversial “SMART METERS” THIS IS A BLOW TO OUR FREEDOM, WE ARE FORCED TO, YES FORCED TO HAVE THESE COMPUTERS ATTACHED TO OUR HOUSE. But dont worry the government who backed Tobaco, trans fat, GMO’s, and all the other SAFE products say they are , just fine. And its not anti 4th amendment, it will never start on fire, it will haha save you money , and will never increase risk of cancer, they woud not lie

  2. Very poor response by Met Ed. I couldn’t even use my phone. Met Ed leaves a lot to be desired. ?

  3. For those of you who want to complain, respectfully, need to sit back and be quiet! Anytime an outage happens no matter where you are, crews are immediately dispatched and it does take time to find the source of the problem, you cannot play guessing games with an electric grid, every possible scenario of the problem has to be researched, checked, and ruled out. Please be patient, these guys want to be home with their families too!

  4. Like I said !
    computer hacker or somebody forgot to update the software something 2 mo. in row ? was not due to weather !

  5. Could be worse people it could be in the middle of winter snow & freezing cold or it could be midsummer triple digits and we have no power to run our heat or central air so I’m good

  6. Does this have anything to do with Notre Dame burning down? Met-Ed, please fix Notre Dame! Lou Holtz has a cute lisp.

  7. While this is difficult, I appreciate the responsiveness of Met Ed when I called their emergency number to report the outage. They did give an estimated time when power would be restored. We don’t know what is involved in restoring this power but they are actively working on it.

  8. This has become a regular occurrence and I’m getting fed up with it. Met-ed has a monopoly around here and there is no other choice to get power from. Every time the wind blows we have to worry about losing power. 3 times over the winter we lost power, and that is just in winter. On average we lose power 5-7 times a year. This time is the longest yet though.

    1. I’m so glad I have PPL as my electric provider. I have worked in Lebanon for the last Two and a half years and the electric has gone off there more times than the 20 some years I have had PPL. Seems like Met-Ed grid is so out dated, just look at the polls and wires as driving thru and around Lebanon county…. Pathetic. So glad I have PPL.

  9. Thank you to those who are working hard to restore power and the emergency crews who are out directing traffic!

    1. Did any of you complainers, notice the high winds yesterday! !!!! This affects electric wires, stations. Thanks for fixings our power! Be glad it was not ZERO degrees!

    1. You have no idea what the job intails to get the power back on. So sit on your comfy sofa and keep your selfish mouth shut.

    2. Wow, I’m sure your mom’s basement lights will be back on soon, as well as your Playstation. Let the men do their jobs little boy.

    3. Seriously stop your complaining. I know you can’t use the remote, internet, or microwave.
      Grab a good book, a nice candle, and pretend you’re on Litle House on the Prairie.
      Guess the good old days weren’t all that good.