Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

248 West Sheridan Avenue
David L. and Ronnie R. Standridge to Kathryn J. and William G. Quinn Jr. for $245,000.

Bethel Township

1494 Mt. Zion Road
Eugene S. Gingrich to Darren L. and Joslyn M. Habecker for $218,500.

104 Elm Avenue Lot 14
Marcia L. and Robert A. Johnson to Johnathan M. Demmy for $180,000.

City of Lebanon

608 South Seventh Street
Frank Hoffman to JPM Investment Properties for $100,000.

249 South 6th Street
Roland and Mary Maust to Martin D. Schneck III and Samantha Lynn Schneck for $110,000.

512 Spruce street
Merbet Properties to Suzanne S. King for $70,000.

547 Weidman Street
Wells Fargo Bank to Timothy A. Krall for $32,900.

110 East Klein Street
Eugene and Mariya N. Strelkov to Blaine A. Troutman for $180,000.

Ampario I. Martinez Credit Shelter Trust
Karen I. Mitchell to 139000 for $0.

608 Miller Street Lots 234, 235, and 236
Amy Lea Nicastro to Joan Redline and John Lucash for $200,000.

23 South 11th Street
Flippers & Keepers to Scott L. Hill and Amanda Speece for $97,000.

115 East Pershing Avenue Lots 503, 628, and part of Lot 627
Guy R. Fessler Estate to David Miranda for $154,500.

539 South 5th Avenue Lot 6
Ryan M. Arnold to Grace E. Lewis for $122,200.

1369 Monument Street
G & R Investments to Patrick F. Coleman for $50,000.

705 North Third Avenue
Faye B. Kleinfelter Estate and Faye R. Kleinfelter Estate to Jeffrey A. Folk and Wendy Almonte Suarez for $189,900.

334 East Guilford Street
Brian C. and Candace C. Cramer to Brian C. and Candace C. Cramer for $1.

320 Lehman Street
Beatrice Torres to Starrwar Properties for $47,000.

816 Walnut Street
Manuel and Martha Diaz to Tarek Hassan and Esraa Mostafa for $114,500.

440 North 10th Street
Pamela J. Tulchinsky to Shane A. and Danae Walters for $77,000.

2026 Ranche Avenue Lot 18
Narrows Glen Inc. to David M. Drahovsky and Laura N. Arendacs for $317,720.

236 East High Street Lots 272 and 273
Fulton Bank to David E. and Katherine A. Horst for $175,000.

976 Quentin Road
DAB Associates to Emily M. and Joseph Adams for $172,000.

255 North Lincoln Avenue Lot 16
Keystone Spikes Corporation to Axis 64th Garages LLC for $180,000.

501 North 7th Avenue
Joel A. Roth to Alexis Omar Vega and Yamilette Lugo Ferrer for $155,000.

1120 Mifflin Street
PA Deals and Marie Buys Houses to David Lapp for $33,000.

13 Creekside Drive Lot 7
Narrows Glen Inc. to Randall S., Konstantina, and Steven D. Brandes for $270,820.

355 North Fifth Street
Royce C. Mader Jr. (By Sheriff) to Champion Mortgage Company and Nationstar Mortgage for $35,000.

Cleona Borough

25 West Penn Avenue
Allan F. Ganter to Jason E. and Kristin Yacklovich Menicheschi for $180,000.

240 East Penn Avenue
Herman W. and Patricia A. Dundore to Kevin T. and Ashleigh L. Uhrich for $187,000.

44 Rosemont Avenue
Dana R. and Kalene E. Wolfe to Kyle W. and Taylor N. Bixler for $150,000.

Cornwall Borough

108 Wenger Street
Thomas J. Rooff Estate to Nicholas G. Wenger for $161,000.

304 Pamela Lane Lot 72
Julio and Stephanie Vega Jr. to Julio and Stephanie Vega Jr. for $1.

328 Pamela Lane Lot 72
Jason J. and Amanda S. Kintzel to Jason J. and Amanda S. Kintzel for $1.

1069 Alden Way Unit 52
John C. and Mary A. Reitz Jr. to Kenneth R. and Laura W. Gifford for $300,000.

310 Burd Coleman Road
David Drummond to Jason D. Barb and Grace E. Pugliese for $265,000.

711 Aspen Lane Lot 245
Joseph F. and Sherri Fiore Jr. to Timothy John Evans for $379,990.

127 Iron Valley Drive
Maureen M. Kelly to Maureen M. Kelly and Michael Corney for $1.

45 Valley View Drive
Frederick C. Laurenzo to Ronald L. Ramsey and Allysan Dana Albrecht for $650,000.

East Hanover Township

17 Log Cabin Drive
John C. and Jocelyn Jernigan Jr. to John C. Jernigan Jr. for $1.

ES Appalachian Drive
Dale R. and Dawn L. Garner to Ray R. and Susan W. Stichler for $7,500.

Heidelberg Township

506 Oak Street
Briand D. and Elsa M. Wahl to Ruby A. Bean for $222,000.

1742 Heidelberg Avenue
Scott A. Eberly to Seth M. Weaver and Elisabeth A. Aslpaugh for $175,000.

217 Millbach Road
Stone Edge Real Estate LLC to Allison B. Wagner for $189,900.

2423 South 5th Avenue
Mary B. Day to Matthew B. Day for $290,000.

2626 Heidelberg Avenue
Kristopher L. Huber to Kristopher L. and Rochelle Huber for $1.

Jackson Township

253 Ken Line Drive Lot 1
Marian I. Shade and Judy L. Williams to Samuel I. and Alexis R. Hartzell for $20,000.

536 East Lincoln Avenue
Blaine A. Troutman to Dane M. Willems for $1.

UPI #23-2359115-398732-0000
Vaughn E. Brubaker to Sean M. and Jennifer L. Firestine for $145,000.

399 Woleber Road Lot 24
David R. and Kathy M. Alspaugh to David R., Kathy M., and John D. Alspaugh for $1.

Jonestown Borough

343 Swatara Creek Drive Lot T-121
Robert and Rita L. Meneses Jr. to Matthew D. and Amy Unger Sr. for $154,900.

130 Creek View Drive Lot 219
Charla R. Kneasel to kyle F. Madeira and Courtney J. Cole for $207,000.

200 W. Swatara Drive Lot 62
Grace C. Clater Estate to Robbin D. Smith and Angela M. Kriner for $180,000.

Millcreek Township

27 Evergreen Way Lot 329
Peter B. Shirk Living Trust and Naomi H. Shirk Living Trust to Brian R. and Susan L. Price for $262,360.

109 Sweetwater Lane Lot 424
Adam Kramer to Adam and Amber Kramer for $1.

108 North Kalbach Road
Mervin R. and I. Louise Horst to Jordan R. and Evelyn S. Horst for $1,200,000.

245 North Sheridan Road
Luther M. Bennetch Living Trust and Eva T. Bennetch Living Trust to Jeremy R. and Linda H. Horst for $1,506,000.

80 South Mountain Road
Steven Homyack to Jeremy N. and Jennifer L. Rutt for $1.

Myerstown Borough

212-214 West Main Avenue
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Christopher Schwalm and Waldemar Plichta for $56,000.

North Annville Township

1761 Thompson Avenue Lot 3
Donald C. and Kathy D. Hainly to Benjamin and Rachel Gearhart for $325,000.

NS Heilmandale Road
Kathleen F. Eisenhour, Linda S. Johnson, and Glen R. Hess to Ronald S. and Brenda Merkel Jr. for $69,900.

North Cornwall Township

165 South 21st Street Lot 165
Harry R. Crawford Jr. to Lee A. and Mark D. McMahon for $137,000.

433 Springwood Drive Unit 111
Kenneth Homes and Builder Services Group to Jose Y Ortega Rivera and Xiomara Ortega for $172,215.

1905 Carlton Drive
Ruth S. Eby to Priscilla Zahyra Gonzalez for $123,000.

115 Quail Lane Lot 21
Ashley L. and Jonathan R. Grove to Jonathan R. and Ashley L. Grove for $1.

145 Northwood Court
Richard Louis Harding Estate to Kathy A. Eisenhauer for $111,000.

22 Greystone Crossing Lot 106
Narrows Glen Inc. to David E. and Donna L. Wachtman for $348,030.

North Lebanon Township

828 Cedar Crest Drive Lot 59
Nancy A. Rogers Estate to Gensler & Associates for $152,000.

60 E. Brookfield Drive
Russell W. and Patricia A. Hostetter to Alan W. Guffy and Jenn R. Watson for $230,000.

439 Orchid Circle Unit 133
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc. to Bonnie R. and Robert D. Wrisley for $312,000.

North Londonderry Township

801 W Pajabon Drive Lot 32
Paula J. Schutzmann to Heather L. and Jeffrey A. Moore for $259,900.

931 South Harrison Street Lot 5
Gregory M. and Judith A. Stellmach to Christopher K. and Heather L. Moyer for $0.

506 S. Lingle Avenue
David M. and Brenda L. Stahr to Margaret Vizzini and Arie E. Yoder for $262,000.

1626 South Forge Road
William F. and Jeanette A. Mohl to Samuel A. Ruffner and Alexandrea N. Milburn for $221,000.

1501 Cambridge Court Plot 197
Edward and Denise Carpenter to Denise Carpenter for $1.

146 Spruce Court Building 11 Unit 1
Tamela L. Thompson and Stephanie L. and William M. Gaffey to Sandra Hoops for $169,900.

716 Fir Street Lot 11
NJN Commercial Realty to Joseph and Linda C. D’Agostino for $230,000.

10 Shady Lane Building Unit 15
Janet K. Brault to Dennis Grumbine for $152,900.

56 Augusta Drive Lot 35
Linda K. Harrison to Bala R. and Nirmala Adhikari for $326,000.

Palmyra Borough

128 N. College Street
Jordan and Victoria Mummau to JVM Real Estate LLC for $1.

100 North Railroad Street
Brandy M. Stone to Benjamin and Ann Sipe for $12,000.

309 E. Cherry Street
Christopher J. and Shilah N. Stahl to Paige A. Bohn for $126,500.

Richland Borough

10 Georgie Lane Lot 27
Glendon R. and Lonita Beth Nolt to Stephen J. Kiefer III and Lauren Weninger for $213,000.

206 Chestnut Street Lot 5
Carol Ann Kilmer Estate to Ella May Klepper and Jessica M. Barr for $165,000.

South Annville Township

1490 Louser Road Lot 7
Ernest C. Miller Jr. and Leigh E. Hitz Miller to Matthew D. and Breanna M. Ober for $469,000.

42 Blue Jay Way Lot 52
Landmark Homes at Olde South Crossing to Joseph E. and Mary T. Schneider III for $560,850.

NS Royal Road
Barbara Ann. Klatchko to Matthew and Lauren Allwein Andrews for $13,650.

1121 Royal Road
Matthew and Lauren Allwein Andrews to Matthew and Lauren Allwein Andrews for $1.

700 South Mount Pleasant Road
CDDST Irrevocable Trust to Michael D. Beare for $1.

Lot 64 at Bachman Run
Gardel and Garman Builders at Bachman Run LLC to Ronald C. and Diane L. Stoner for $306,900.

South Lebanon Township

393 Homestead Drive
Robert H. and Janet M. Trautman to Carl J. and Linda M. Meyer for $289,000.

500 East Walnut Street
Scott B. and Kathryn B. Hambleton to Harry J. Lamlin and Rebekah L. Youse for $250,000.

1045 South 3rd Street Lot 24
Elaine M. Behney to Jeffrey K. Falk and Lori E. Messersmith Falk for $1.

512 Worth Street
G & S Investments LLC to Daniel S. and Erica L. Smith for $112,000.

1414 Esther Drive
Kay F. Strickler to Josiah D. and Stacy E. Sites for $137,000.

620 Renova Avenue
Walter H. Speraw Jr. Estate to Zachary S. Stager for $133,000.

ES S. 14th Avenue
Robert L. and Kathryn F. Kupp to Pedro A. Cruz for $45,000.

South Londonderry Township

1 Conewago Hills Road
Donald M. and Linda J. Peifer to Shawn E. and Jill B. Martin for $300,000.

368 Fencepost Lane Lot 86
Melinda Stamm to Chatra B. Chuwan and Kalpana Pokhrel for $306,000.

91 Springhaven Court Unit 231
Edward F. and Palm C. Bernardo to Cathi L. Schroeder and Thomas J. Gosse for $275,000.

247 Fencepost Lane Lot 14
Ok Kim to Thakur P. Neopaney for $300,900.

5608 Elizabethtown Road
Linda L. Farst to Danielle E. Becker for $299,900.

Swatara Township

143 Lighthouse Drive Lot 69
Michael S. Hatfield to Edward Matias Rodriguez and Joan M. Mills Torruellas for $143,900.

16 Wildflower Circle Lot 89
Daniel Grobach and Elise Mauser to William Thomas and Cinthia Rena Hulsey for $247,000.

5 Willow Creek Avenue Lot 43
Benjamin G. and Rachel D. Gearhart to Michael J. and Nicole A. Zigarelli for $214,900.

301 East Chestnut Street Lot 7
Glenn M. and Connie L. Landis and Landis Builders Inc. to Erin L. T. and Matthew D. Hugendubler for $324,000.

170 Moore Road
AJX Mortgage Trust II to Philip G. and Carolyn A. Rissler Sr. for $423,000.

2261 South Pine Grove street
Mervin G., Merle R., and Lorraine M. Weaver to Merle R. and Lorraine M. Waver for $960,000.

Union Township

43 Colonial Drive Lot 1
Stacia and Salvatore Graziano Jr. to Stacia and Salvatore Graziano Jr. for $1.

West Cornwall Township

NS Williams Drive
Jean L. Wenger to Lloyd T. and Kristie L. Sprenkle for $80,000.

1086 Alden Way Unit 108
Cornwall Associates LP and Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Marion Cornwell for $384,812.

12 Alden Lane
Hess Brothers Property Management to Sybil I. Stambaugh for $205,000.

218 Scenic Ridge Boulevard Lot 75
Gerald S. Musser Builder and Gerald S. and Karen Musser to Angela M. and Jaun C. Portes for $332,775.

West Lebanon Township

2308 Lehman Street
Patrick E. and Melanie A. German to Hari Om Enterprises Inc. for $60,000.

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