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Weekly leaf collection services are starting Monday, Nov. 2, for residents in the City of Lebanon.

Unbagged leaves should be placed one foot from the curb in the gutter, away from storm drains and intersections. Piles with branches, grass, and yard waste will not be picked up. Piles must be 10 feet away from nearby vehicles.


There are no set days for crews to come through specific neighborhoods, though a press release issued by the office of Mayor Sherry Capello states that “every effort” will be made to reach each area of the city once a week. Leaves should be placed on the street on the weekend and residents are asked to keep new leaves off of the street if a crew has already passed through until the weekend.

No service will be available on Nov. 11, 26, or 27. Otherwise, the service is expected to continue until the week of Dec. 7 or until the first measurable snowfall, whichever comes first.

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